On 13th June 2017 Google announced the worldwide release of its small business web builder, Website.  Accessed through the Google My Business dashboard it offers a simple web-building tool that allows a business to create a single-page website in as little as 5 minutes.

To use the web building tool your business needs to have a verified listing on Google from which all the information already uploaded to your listing will be transferred to your newly created website.  This connection between the business listing and website means any future changes to the listing information will be automatically shared to the website.

This product does not offer a replacement for a fully functioning multi-page website but it can offer new start-ups a quick and easy way to get their businesses online and showing in their local search.

Google My BusinessThis web building tool offers a honed down version of a full-blown website; it has some obvious draw backs such as no social sharing buttons and no ability to add meta descriptions (a tag that summarizes a page’s content, shown in search results) however with the ability to create a mobile-friendly website in minutes it will offer a great stop-gap website for small businesses who want to get their business online quickly.

The tool is free to use if you stick to the default URL, yourbusinessname.business.site, however there is the option to purchase your own domain name.  As the tool currently doesn’t offer great opportunity for improving your SEO it would be advisable to at a minimum purchase an individual URL.

We will have to watch how Google My Business Website Builder develops and see if Google roll out other features to improve what’s on offer, particularly regarding SEO, but as a tool for a new start-up this could be a good temporary solution.

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