Continuous Learning

Sometimes as a small business owner we find ourselves on a constant hamster wheel doing our best to get everything done as we often don’t have lots of colleagues to pitch in or delegate to, although you can always hire a VA to help on that point!

But it’s really important to keep learning, particularly now as the digital world moves on from one minute to the next and is not stopping for you to catch up.  So, it’s really important to make learning part of your business plan and strategy, with this in mind we decided to put together some helpful tips to help you keep on improving your skills.


Set aside some time every week

This is a brilliant way to make sure you keep on improving your skills as a business owner.  We set aside a morning every week that is just for research and learning.  Giving yourself a few hours to either learn a skill your missing or indeed just time to think! Having the time to do some lateral thinking around your business, to look around at what competitors are doing, time to just muse on ideas will have huge benefits for yourself and your business.

Write a blog for your business website

learningA blog can prove to be a of great benefit to your business.  Not only does it give you the drive to keep thinking and working on ideas it will also drive traffic to your website.  Research areas of your business that you need to freshen up your skills on and use keywords that relate to your business and that will resonate with potential customers.  We use our blog to document all our research so it can be a powerful tool if you need to look back and to remember important procedures or processes.

Training courses

Since the crazy events that have unfurled this year it’s meant that many training courses have moved online.  This actually makes life a lot easier as without the travelling you won’t need to take so much time out of your day, so why not do a google search for relevant training courses & improve your skill set.   There are also training modules available with many of the social media platforms such as Facebook for Business or Think with Google.

Share your learning

If you’ve spent the time learning a new skill then share it, sharing your knowledge is powerful content so use it to your advantage and& use it to boost your or your business’ profile and helps it stay relevant.  Share it on your social media and maybe even run training event and pay it forward!

Just remember that all the knowledge you can acquire feeds back into your business, strengthening & building your place in your chosen industry.


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