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market researchRed Desk and Market Research

Red Desk can support your business by undertaking market research services, freeing you up valuable time to focus on your core business activities.  

We are able to undertake a range of market research services to assist with the collection of valuable data.  The information gathered will be collated into a concise, easy to understand document to enable you to target specific market areas/potential suppliers and understand your customer base, consumer trends and what areas are likely to be the most profitable.

Red Desk have been engaged on a variety of market research projects and tasks have included conducting customer questionnaires, mail shots, direct marketing and personalised telephone calls and emails.  Projects have ranged in scope from a list of companies to be contacted within a short space of time, to being asked to research a relatively unknown market sector, compiling details of companies providing similar services or sourcing manufacturers. 

By undertaking effective market research, you gain a better understanding of your brand, the effectiveness of your communication and whether your services are reaching their target audience.  This information will allow you to gain a competitive edge in the marketplace and price yourselves accordingly.

The overall process is broken down into a number of different phases, with a deliverable at each phase, tailored to your specific requirements.  We will provide feedback at regular internals, as directed by you. 

Phase 1: Data collection

You may provide us with a targeted list of companies for us to reach out to directly, or may simply specify a particular target market.  Our VAs will then source the required details into a contact database via word or excel.

Phase 2: Customer contact

Our VAs will make direct enquiries with the relevant parties either by telephone or email.  The results of the initial contact will be recorded along with details of any further follow ups required.  It would be helpful to have anticipated any queries or FAQs that may come up, in order that our VAs can respond professionally and efficiently.

Phase 3: Feedback and review

Once customers/suppliers have been contacted and information obtained, we will collate all relevant information into a document for our client to review.  We will summarise overall trends, budgets, time frames, return rates and any other key comments, in order for our clients to make informed business decisions.

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