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online marketingRed Desk work with a number of small businesses and organisations helping them to promote themselves online.

Online marketing takes many forms & we work with each client stage by stage to determine the best practise for their business.  We always begin by defining their audience & who they want to reach.  This knowledge will help shape the digital marketing strategy and determine which social media platforms to focus on.  There are also a number of other online platforms available for marketing which can be useful in expanding the online presence of a small business.

We will work on the following areas with each client to determine the best digital marketing strategy for them:

Define Audience

We use a ‘User Persona’ – to put together an idea of the target audience,  considering gender, age & demographic – this will give us a greater insight into how to reach those people & tell them about your products or services.

List of Keywords & Hashtags

Keywords are one of the most vital components of content marketing, they help drive traffic to content & well researched keyword use is one of the best ways to improve SEO and rank better on Google.  Keywords are for long-term benefits whereas hashtags are for more short-term results.  Although hashtags are short lived they push prospective clients  to your content within the social media platform & help you to reach users that may otherwise not have discovered your business.

Research Competition

We will research your competition to help define the brand, this will give a good understanding of the market place and where to  concentrate our efforts online.  Looking at the whole market place will give an understanding of where the business sits with in it.

Social Media Platforms 

Once we have researched the market place & the competition we will have a good idea of which social media platforms to focus  on.  The marketing budget will also influence this decision.  Google Local although a directory also has the facility to post & is perhaps the only platform that is essential for any business, whereas your combination of the other social media platforms will differ depending on your business.

Organic Marketing or Paid Advertising?

Depending on which platforms you decide to use to market your brand you may require (if available) an advertising budget.  Decide this from the start, you can review it further down the line but it’s a good idea to set a figure.  Many small businesses don’t have the luxury of an advertising budget & should therefore focus on the best platforms for organic reach.

Social Media Content Calendar

We will create a social media content calendar, a great way to add a structure to your marketing campaign.  Your marketing may focus around up-coming awareness days, events or product / service launch.  We can pin point the important dates & work your campaign around them.

Sample Content

Once we have spent some time researching & compiling our findings we will be in a much better position to begin creating content. We will need great images & engaging content to put together ideas & create some sample content.  Part of the process will be discussing & brainstorming ideas with each client and will help us find the successful content.

Posting Schedule

We can use your social media platforms insights & analytics to better understand when your audience is online & when your content will have the most impact.

Monitor the results

We can supply regular updates of your analytics & keep track of the growth, this will give a better understanding of what content is working best for you & allow us to determine the successes.

Refine Content

We can keep refining your content keeping it fresh & engaging. Checking analytics regularly & taking note of what content is working, helping to give your business a positive online presence.

 Do get in touch if you would like to discuss any of the above in more detail.  

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