Social Media Marketing for Creative Businesses

We were recently contacted by Outwit Trade, asking us to take a look at their article on Pinterest. It has allowed us to revisit our article The Best Social Media Platforms for Creative Businesses – we’ve kept the original article but given more thought to the creative business industry, and this article is a bit of an update.

Creative businesses often have to work harder than those with a physical shop front as they aren’t going to benefit from passing high street trade. So what are our social media marketing tips for creative businesses?

Be Visual

If you are creative then no doubt you are probably very artistic and you need to communicate this with your audience.  Two visual platforms are Instagram and Pinterest.  You’ll find that Instagram is used by many small businesses, in fact its users have increased to more than 400 million.  Don’t forget Pinterest though as boards can be used to get across your collections or visions perhaps more easily and less cluttered than other social media.


Hashtags are now accepted and used on all the major platforms.  Create hashtags for your brand, individual projects and research others that will draw in your intended audience ie #creativecommunity.  You will find more information on how hashtags work in our article Using Hashtags Successfully.

creative businessesNewsletters

Newsletters have their time and their place, and if you run a creative business then you will want to keep your audience updated with what is going on.  We’ve found that newsletters have been an invaluable form of communication during lockdown.  Just remember not to bombard your mailing list and also to keep GDPR-compliant.

Facebook Groups

Being a creative can often be a lonely experience, especially if you work from home.  We urge creatives to join local Facebook groups for either their local area or specifically creatives.  If there isn’t one, set one up.  It’s a great way of networking.


That old adage, you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours really works in the local community.  If you have an exhibition or event that you need help spreading the word for then ask other community groups.  They will be more than willing to assist as long as you return the favour – this can be to help leaflet local areas, share posts on social media or add a little piece to your next newsletter.

Local Marketing

We recently wrote a series of articles on things to consider regarding local marketing opportunities including SEO for your website, Google Business posts, tips for social media, using NextDoor and being a strong pillar in your community.

If you’d like any help with your creative marketing strategy then get in touch with



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