Do You Need a CV if You Run Your Own Business?

For the past 10 – 12 years I’ve been running my own business and as a result I’ve not updated my CV.  However, a recent enquirer requested a CV in order to check my suitability for a role.  It got me thinking, do you really need a CV if you run your own business? What alternatives can you use to demonstrate your skill set?


Business Website

Whenever we learn something new at Red Desk, we write an article about it and put it on our website blog.  We share our knowledge with the business community and it demonstrates the type of tasks we can take on for our clients.  We also update our website to reflect current clients and areas in which we’d like to grow.  Please take a look at our services page for examples of our specialities including Business Support, Online Marketing and Web Content.  Our testimonials page provides current and past reviews.



LinkedIn is the biggest professional networking tool on the internet. Those who use it can find a job, an internship, staff for their organisation, build connections with those in their industry or forge new professional relationships.  Red Desk have a business page on LinkedIn and we post to this on weekdays and then we use our personal accounts to share this with our followers.

Don’t forget your personal profile on LinkedIn too. You are more likely to use this to network, and updating this regularly can help. Many jobs are posted on LinkedIn and recruiters visit profiles of those who have certain keywords and skills listed on their profiles.  If you are wanting to attract certain clients to your business then think about what skills or tasks you might take on for them, ie excellent communication skills, time management, multi-tasking, detail-orientated, self-starter etc. This article gives some good tips on how to list your work as a freelancer.



As and when you have time it is important to update your CV too.  The reason being that not everyone will be satisfied with being shown your business website or LinkedIn profile.  You will also find it useful to refer to if you need to fill in any job application forms.  As a freelancer or business owner, not every job will be offered to you after an email chat and video call, some will insist on the more formal route of a CV or job application form.  Indeed have some good tips on how to format your CV as a freelancer.


In short, yes you should have a CV if you run your own business but it is equally important to keep your website and LinkedIn accounts updated too.  If you require assistance in any of these tasks then Red Desk can help.  Just email


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