New Client: Georgia Holleran and The Last Self-Help Book You’ll Ever Need

We’re proud to introduce our new client Georgia Holleran and her book The Last Self-Help Book You’ll Ever Need!  During the coming months we’ll be working with Georgia to help her find podcasts guest spots, bookshops where she can talk about her book and events where she can run workshops using the techniques discussed in the book.

Here’s a bit about Georgia:

2022 was the toughest year of Georgia Holleran’s life, but she came through it unscathed, strong and even thankful. After 40 years of devouring self-help products and continually searching for answers to her life struggles, but encountering nothing but disappointment, frustration and despair, she suddenly discovered herself to be a pretty capable and confident person.

But she didn’t know why she was so bulletproof. How did she get to be so calm, resilient, resourceful and level-headed, even in crisis? Was it age? Wisdom? Luck? If she had known years back what was going to make this difference in her, could she have got there quicker?

But then it all began to make sense …

Georgia Holleran has spent her life researching how we can make the best of our time on this planet, without letting ourselves get in the way. Her background is in the arts, education, neuro-linguistic programming, cognitive hypnotherapy and a research Masters. This book summarises the best she has learned … so far.

Georgia explains: “Having spent 40 years restlessly searching for the ‘one thing’ I could focus on in my life, it dawned on me, in my 50s, that maybe I should have found it by now. This caused me to notice that my addiction to self-help products was part of the problem: the relentless hope to disappointment to hope cycle is generated by an industry that feeds on insecurity and optimism.

The catalyst came when I spent most of 2022 caring for my dying parents and then sorting out their affairs after their deaths. I noticed that, even though I was experiencing the most trying and emotionally charged year of my life, I was calm, capable and very much in control of the whole situation.

I examined how I had weathered the emotional storm and noticed I used many techniques that I had been taught and picked up since I was in my late twenties. It’s like they all came together when I needed them. Without me even remembering what to do and how to do it.

My book is my knowledge distilled and explained. As I wrote it, I realised the ONE THING that was missing. It was the key thing that, if not flagged up, renders ALL self-help products ineffective. Needless to say, the self-feeding self-help industry does not flag this up. So I decided to.

If you want to know more then why not be part of Georgia’s Community.  She is actively looking for The First 100 members who want to give her some solid feedback and results using her book: The Last Self-Help Book You’ll Ever Need.

If you would like to her to:

WORK WITH YOU PERSONALLY, to help understand what you’d like to achieve.
TEACH YOU EVERYTHING from The Last Self-Help Book You’ll Ever Need.
CREATE RESOURCES to further clarify anything you want help with.
GUARANTEE you’ll start to see your life and future in a very different way.

Just drop her a line here and let’s chat.

We’re very much looking forward to supporting Georgia with her project.  Keep an eye for our Red Desk social media posts with requests and see how you can help us make this book a hit!

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