A Guide to Web Hosting

We were recently contacted by Digital.com and alerted to their newly published resource on web hosting.  Since a large portion of our time is dedicated to maintaining clients’ websites, and some very timely issues with web hosting, we thought it worthwhile exploring.  After all, having a reliable and high-performing web host is integral to a successful website and online presence.

What is Web Hosting?

We know what a website is but may not be as familiar with web hosting.  Essentially it is the tool that allows you to publish a website on the internet.

Types of Web Hosting

Until researching this article, we were unaware that there were so many different types of web host:

  • Shared Hosting – multiple users hosted on a single server which is suitable for businesses with small websites that are looking for an economical option
  • VPS Hosting – a single server divided into many virtual spaces. This is best for businesses that experience heavy web traffic who have a bit more budget
  • Cloud Hosting – a virtual server that stores data across a network of servers. This option is aimed at small to medium sized websites
  • Dedicated Hosting – a server rented by a single company, suitable for businesses that have higher website traffic, require more resources and can afford a higher monthly price
  • Ecommerce Hosting – this is hosting specifically designed for customers who have online shopping functionalities on their websites.
  • Reseller Hosting – this is when a purchaser buys server space, divides it and then sells it on


The Best Web Hosting Providers of 2022

Digital.com have done a lot of research and have short listed 11 web hosts here.  You will see that all of the prices are quoted in dollars.  For a price comparison in pounds, you can always look at UK Web Host Review who again have pulled together a list of Best (UK) Web Hosting Companies Compared for 2022.

From looking at both these lists, there are some overlaps:

  • SiteGround is the best overall web hosting provider according to Digital.com because it has reliable web hosting, fully managed WordPress hosting and comes with ecommerce addons.
  • Hostinger UK was the top pick for UK Web Host Review because it is not only really cheap (99p per month), has a choice of 7 server locations and customer service is available 24/7

Do take a look to find the best web host for your business and website.

Red Desk experience

We’d also like to add that as well as researching for a reliable webhost, we have found that surrounding yourself with a good digital team is imperative.  You never know when your website might go down so having a solid web designer and IT contact on call is essential.  We currently work with Lucy’s Web Designs and Blue Circle IT.  We also have close contact with N8tive Web Design and North London IT Support.


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