How to Take a Break Whilst Working From Home

For those of us lucky enough to have been able to work from home for the past couple of months, it turns out that there have been some disadvantages – not taking enough breaks.  So how do you make sure you take a break whilst working from home?

Tip 1

Think back to when you were in a “normal” working day.  You’d probably have natural breaks at regular times during the day, for example at the beginning of your working day, catching up with colleagues over a coffee.  You would take breaks when you go over and discuss a work assignment with someone or eat lunch or run errands.  Of course, if you work from home, it might have been a time when you went out to drop off and pick up children from school.  Therefore, factor in a regular mid-morning coffee break, time to eat your lunch and another break in the afternoon.  You’ll feel so much better for it.

Tip 2

We’ve heard from many people who are not used to working from home that they seem to be working much longer hours.  It might be the novelty of not having to commute or expectations from your boss that you should be “available” all the time but over time your work is going to suffer.  By all means, start half an hour to an hour earlier so that you can factor in other responsibilities such as home schooling but be up front with your team and boss, so expectations can be managed.  Those trying to answer their messages immediately are going to set themselves up for a fall as it is going to be expected of them all the time.

take a breakTip 3

Have some “me time”.  As well as working from home, you may find that you are doing extra tasks to keep your family motivated and fed and watered.  It can be exhausting, especially when you know that it is going to continue through to the evening and into the weekend.  Therefore, it is important to set aside some time for yourself.  Go off for a walk, take a bath, or a yoga session.  Just make sure you are not to be disturbed for that precious hour or so.  You can then return the favour to other family members.

Tip 4

Take time off!  It seems bonkers, taking time off when you can’t go anywhere (although this is set to change) but it is needed.  Let your colleagues know that you are taking holiday and don’t check your emails on those days off.  Do something different with your days off: get up a different time, treat yourself to a takeaway or cook something fancy.  Just make it different to a working day.  You will feel so much better for a break, even though you are at home.


Of course, hopefully we will be allowed to take a proper break soon.  If you run a small business and struggle to take time off then it sounds like you could do with the support of a Virtual Assistant.  At Red Desk, we have a number of virtual assistants available to support your business during busy periods or when you are on holiday.  Email for further information.



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