Micro Influencers

We often hear about Influencers but have you heard of a MicroInfluencer?

microinfluencer has a markedly smaller number of followers than an influencer, somewhere between 1,000 to 100,000.

You may at first think that having a smaller number of followers would be a disadvantage but the reality is that micro-influencers have a stronger relationship with their followers, so although they are fewer in number each connection has more weight. A micro-influencer has a smaller audience but has a huge influence on their followers.

This idea of a better quality of connection to followers is also strengthened by the fact that micro-influencers are ordinary consumers who are specialists on their topic, they focus on a specific niche and are able to really engage with their audience, the engagement rate of a micro-influencer is often higher than a macro-influencer.

Followers are more likely to trust the opinions of someone they feel they have a connection with, they respect their honest opinion rather than someone who is being paid big bucks to market a product.

micro influencerA micro-influencer as well as being a more authentic & useful partnership for a small business should also be a much more affordable option, but how do you find the right person to partner with your brand?

There is actually online software to help you search, but at a starting cost of around £200 for a one-off search, we’ve put together some strategies for manually finding a good candidate:

  • Start by looking through your own followers, are there any accounts that have a good number of followers & reflect your brand?
  • Search with relevant hashtags & keywords to find accounts that share content related to your business.
  • Search for bloggers with authentic content that could be a potential partnership.
  • Consider the influencer & their followers by looking at Age, Location, Gender, Occupation, Interests & Hobbies.
  • Look at your ideal customers & the pages they like or things they follow.
  • Once you have found some potential accounts, follow them to get a real idea of their content & style & make sure they are a good fit for your brand.

Once you do find a potential candidate you need to reach out and try to put together an influencer strategy plan, work out how the relationship will work and how this relationship can be mutually beneficial.


If you need some help searching for a micro-influencer then get in touch.


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