Project Management

​As project managers we work to deliver a project that fulfils our client’s goals and objectives. Within that process there may be the need to adapt the brief in order to fulfil the project within the criteria and time schedule, but always with a full focus on the client’s requirements.
Here lies the core of successful project management; foresight, technical knowledge and management skills that ensure all aspects of a project are met.

Our current project management clients are varied and span a wide range of business sectors, here are a few examples:

Delivering Workshops for a Soft Skills Charity – we have been supporting a soft skills foundation on delivering employability workshops at Further Education colleges throughout London. Our starting point was to identify the key stakeholders at each college who would agree to the running of these workshops, the middle was organising the delivery of these workshops (finding convenient times for both the facilitators and the colleges) and the end was seeking feedback after the sessions, and building relationships in order to run more workshops there in future

project managementWebsite Build for a Construction Company – we work closely with our web developer to deliver a website that fits with our client’s brand and services. With our knowledge of all aspects of website build we can bridge the gap between the client and the developer. We ensure that all the technical requirements are met and work with the client to create SEO-friendly content that ensures the website, once built, will be found by search engines. As part of the process we also work across the client’s online presence from Social Media to Google Entry to ensure a well-managed online reputation.

Assisting a Property Project Manager – for many years we have supported our property client. Property development is a complex process and we work to document every aspect of the build from the work schedule to monitoring the budget. We keep detailed budgets projecting costs and managing spend as well as retaining all paperwork that is then passed to the client at the end of the project.

Events – we work extensively in the local business community organising local events and find creative ways to fund the events. We have applied for grants, run crowdfunding campaigns, identified which businesses would be able to offer sponsorship and put together attractive advertising packages for other small businesses. We have a good working relationship with many stakeholders within the community and have made amazing things happen on a shoe-string budget.

If you need help with an upcoming project or are thinking about creating a new website do get in touch for a chat


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