Social Media Plans and Research

Red Desk offers content-based social media management.  This means we work with our client to gain a good understanding the project or business they want to promote then we set about creating content & strategy to best reflect their goals.

We follow a structured set-up procedure with each client enabling us to create a tailor made social media plan.

Initial Research

Before the initial meeting we will conduct some basic research into the client’s area of business.  We will look at who their audience is and what social media platforms they use.  We will also look at the competition and how they are performing online.  Once we have this basic information we will arrange a client meeting to build up a more complete picture of what we need to achieve.

Client Meeting

Now we can find out in more depth about the company or service, including their brand & usps (unique selling points).  This is a good time to discuss which social media platforms to use and what type of content will work given the time frame and the budget.  Will the content take the shape of regular blog posts or would it be better to have short videos for YouTube? We also need to keep in mind the content that works best on the platforms chosen. Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest require high quality visuals to stand out. LinkedIn on the other hand is better suited to industry news and long-form pieces.

Social Media Plan

Then we will spend time putting together a social media plan, we look in-detail at what needs to be achieved in the initial set up & the monthly plan. In doing this we are able to give a costing, broken down into the first initial set up & then a monthly fee, if the client wants continued support.  We can of course set up the social media then hand over to the client if required.

Client Agreement

Once the client is happy with the social media plan we then draw up a Letter of Engagement & Terms Document which both parties sign, this ensures professionalism & confidentiality as all times.

Project Management

A small dedicated team work on the client’s social media.  We use an online project management tool to allow us to collaborate virtually. As part of the on going social media management we can provide a monthly status report drawn from Google Analytics & the social media platforms,  allowing the client to be kept up to date with progress.

We endeavour to offer a very personalised service which will differ in requirement for each client.

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