How a VA (Virtual Assistant) can help small businesses

Sometimes work can get a little overwhelming. That’s when a VA can help.  We are used to taking on short-term projects to help ease the burden of local small businesses.  Here are some examples of how we could help you.


You’ve done the hard work.  You’ve pulled together a job description, posted it online and now you are inundated with applications.  It’s a bit of a catch-22 situation as you need to go through all these applications to get the new staff member but you don’t have the time.  Luckily we are at the end of the telephone and can help you out.

We’ve recently assisted with candidate screening to see which applicants would be suitable for interview stage.  We rang a selected number of applicants, asking a number of screening questions, noting down the answers and our impressions of their telephone manner.  We then sent out invitations for interviews to the short-listed few.

We have just launched our HR service so if you need assistance with any aspect of HR then do get in touch with us.

Appointment bookings

small businesses diary managementOne client had a number of customers that he needed to arrange visits to see.  This ate into his working day so he outsourced this task to Red Desk.  We rang all his customers, kept detailed notes of our calls in a spreadsheet and informed him when a customer wanted a visit.

We then arranged appointments by email so that he had documented evidence of these appointment bookings.  This has resulted in extra business for our client and we will be repeating this exercise in a number of months.

Event Marketing

We have a few clients who use Red Desk for adhoc event marketing.  These are clients who need a little extra help spreading the word about their events.

Last month we posted details of a workshop on a client’s blog and then shared this information on a number of Facebook groups and websites that we use.  We also helped draft and send an e-newsletter about another client’s craft workshops.

This month we shall be helping another client with getting the message out about an open day.


On occasion we are asked by clients to run errands for them.  In the past couple of weeks we have taken parcels to the post office for one client, and scanned documents which were then sent onto her accountant.

So, no matter how big or small the job is, Red Desk are here to help you!



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