Website Maintenance for WordPress Users

If you’ve got a website then you’ll want to keep it updated, so that is in working order.  Red Desk is offering a new website maintenance service to small businesses who don’t have the time or knowledge to keep their website maintained. So, what can we do for you?


Updating Plugins

Red Desk can log into your website once a week, once every two weeks or once a month (depending on the complexity) to ensure that plugins are updated to the latest version.  If we spot something that hasn’t updated correctly, we will monitor this find solutions when required.  Keeping plugins updated is the simplest way to ensure that your website stays secure and is performing at its best.


Website MaintenanceWebsite Backups

We can check how your website is backed up and ensure that this is done via your webhost and via a plugin.  Having your website backed up gives you peace of mind in case if you accidentally delete something (or change your mind), a theme or other plugin harms your site or you get hacked.


Add-On Services

Every now and again you may wish to make some additional changes to your website.  On top of monthly maintenance, we can offer the following:

  • Small website changes – we can refresh the wording on your website, change, add or remove images.
  • News/blogs – we can update your blogs or news with items written by yourself or we do offer a content writing service
  • Domain transfer – if you are wishing to transfer your domains from one hosting company to another then we can manage this process for you including updating the DNS records
  • Transfer of ownership – if the website hosting account is in a web designer’s name and you wish to gain control yourself then we can assist with the transfer of ownership
  • Liaising with IT company – we can talk to them about additional requirements that might be needed
  • Social Media – we can link your social media feeds to your website, we do offer a social media management service


Web Design

We work alongside a web developer, so can happily recommend someone if you decide to redesign your website.  She will also be on hand for complicated tasks.



If you are interested in outsourcing your website maintenance to Red Desk, please do get in touch with for a quote.


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