Welcome to Red Desk, the virtual help desk for small businesses and freelancers.

We are a team of Virtual Assistants who offer a wide variety of organisational and administrative services on an ad hoc basis.

We thrive on planning, organising and solving problems and can help find the best way to tackle any administrative task. With over 20 years experience in a variety of businesses we can find clear solutions to complicated problems.

If you’re spending your valuable time on administrative tasks that don’t earn you any money then outsource those tasks to Red Desk, freeing up your time to spend on what your business does best. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.


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How to Use Social Media To Promote Your Event

Red Desk have worked on a number of social media campaigns for events and we’ve found a few common mistakes.  Don’t Let Your Social Media Go Dead Firstly if your event is annual, it’s a really bad idea to just let your social media go cold once the event is...

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How to Deal With Bad Debts

Running a small business has its challenges: your day-to-day work, staff, social media etc.  One thing that you could do without though is customers not paying on time or even worse, not paying at all. This article is about how to deal with bad debts. Pay up...

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3 more tools that Red Desk are loving right now

Are there tools that you go back to time and again?  We shared our top three tools of the moment back in June 2016. However, life and work at Red Desk are ever-evolving, and these are our three free tools that we are loving right now! Toggl We don’t know where we...

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