What tools are you loving right now?  Red Desk share with you our top three favourites of the moment.

We Transfer

Since working on the MidSummer Muswell brochure with our talented graphic designer Mukta Luther, we have become very familiar with We Transfer.

We Transfer is used to transfer large files which would otherwise clog up your email or Dropbox memory.  It is free and download speeds are fast.

It is simple to use.  Just add the files, enter the recipient’s email address, your email address and a message.  It takes a while to upload but you can get on and do other things whilst that is happening.

file transfer

Once the file has been uploaded and sent, you will receive an email with the link, the date the link expires (it lasts for a week) and a note to say that you will receive an email when the recipient downloads the file.  The recipient will receive an email to invite them to download the files.

Jpeg to Pdf converters

Sometimes we work in offices which only have basic computer software.  If we are sent a file as a jpeg but unable to open it then we are able to go online and find software that converts it into a format that we are able to view.  Our favourite is http://www.convert-jpg-to-pdf.net/ but there are others to choose from.  Simply upload the jpeg, click convert and download your pdf file.

You can also find pdf to jpeg converters which are handy if you need an image for social media but only have it in a pdf format.


We thought we’d give a shout out to Microsoft’s Paint here, it’s a quick & incredibly simple way to alter images.   We use it regularly when altering images for social media.  It comes with every PC (that we know of) and anyone can master it.  Use Paint, to crop, resize or add detail to images like this one:

effective Google searches

We’d love to hear from you.  What are your favourite tools that you are loving right now?

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