reddeskVA Welcome to Red Desk’s basic guide to SEO!

There are many simple things that you can do to improve your website’s ranking and once you’ve cracked it, you can put these things into practice and gradually improve your ranking.

Firstly when adding a new page, make sure you add a good title or “title tag” – try for a keyword or search term.  Therefore do some brainstorming and research first about keywords/search terms and then check in Google Adwords to see its popularity.  Also what are the buzz phrases of the moment? Perhaps try using one of those but keep checking back with Google Adwords!

Once you’ve decided on your “title tag”, continue using these phrases throughout the post or web page.  Use the phrases as naturally as possible as Google hates phrases being shoehorned in, and do include them in the first paragraph (or first 200 words) as Google gets tired of looking beyond this point!

Always give good description and tags to your post  The description needs to be specific to the article and targeted to your consumer, so choose your words carefully.  The ‘tags’ should be your keyword phases pulled from your text, this practice should also be carried out with any images you add as this is another opportunity to add those ‘keywords’.

I will also mention adding ‘links’ and ‘hyperlinks’, it’s good practice on a blog to add links to other other blogs and this will hopefully lead to other bloggers adding links to your site.  Google views ‘links’ as votes so the more links to your site and links from your site the better.

Finally, if your website is in WordPress, do activate the Yoast SEO plug in (or get it installed if you don’t have it).  We absolutely LOVE this plug in as it makes SEO a doddle and traffic lights your optimisation.

So take control of your site and learn how to update it as needs be,  then you can gradually work on the SEO & in time improve your ranking.

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