How do you create more buzz around your business brand? Run a competition on social media! It can’t be that difficult can it? Hmmm you might want to think again!

Until late summer 2013, if you wanted to run a competition on Facebook, it had to be administered via a 3rd party app.  However, the rules have changed giving “more freedom” to small businesses to run a competition via their Facebook business page.  However you still have to stay within the rules (otherwise you risk having your Facebook business page being taken down).

facebook-807588_1280What are you allowed to do?

  • Ask people to comment on a post
  • Ask people to like a post
  • Ask people to comment on your page
  • Ask people to private message your page
  • Use “likes” as a voting mechanism

What aren’t you allowed to do?

  • Ask people to tag themselves in content or a picture in exchange for a chance to win a prize
  • Ask people to share the competition on their personal timeline
  • Ask people to invite others to enter the competition

It’s worth taking a look at these GUIDELINES  for a fuller picture of what you can and can’t do

Argh, it’s still complicated! What can I do?

Why don’t you have a specific post/image made up which specifies exactly what you want your Facebook fans to do? i.e. “like this post and comment to be in with a chance of winning xxxx”. Wording like this will keep you within the guidelines!

What about Twitter?

At Red Desk, we are about to start looking at running a competition on Twitter for a client. Again there are a few rules to abide by which can be read here but we think it might be a little easier!

If you are thinking about running a competition and need some help. Get in touch!

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