Have you ever heard the phrase “work smarter, not harder” and wondered what it was all about?  At Red Desk, we have been helping companies to work smarter for the past 5 years.

Smart working is essentially maximising your time and results with minimum effort; time management, having an efficient working environment and outsourcing those tasks that can be delegated.

Red Desk is the Virtual helpdesk, providing business support to a number of local companies and individuals.  We are currently 4 assistants, each with our own different skillset, so when a new enquiry comes in, we match the assistant to the job.

Meet the VAs

Katie ColtonOur newest addition to Red Desk is Katie Colton.  Katie’s background is in Venture Capital, Entertainment/Restaurants and Architecture.  She’s the team’s trouble-shooter.  Ever resourceful and professional, she can turn her hand to anything from bookkeeping to traditional PA duties.

Jacqueline Goldenstein makes the impossible, possible.  She’s an expert in all-things-concierge, providing private PA duties to clients (travel, property searches etc) but can also assist with business administration so that small businesses can focus on their core activities.

Mel Pretorius seems to have a knack with social media: if you want witty tweets, informative facebook posts or award-nominated blog content, then she’s your go-to.  Also handy with bookkeeping and other business support.

Lindsay Miller is the Virtual Assistant guru and founder of Red Desk.  She not only provides support and advice for the other VAs but is a dab hand at Powerpoint, Microsoft Office templates, diary management and social media.

If you are struggling to find time in your business to carry out those core money-making activities then send Red Desk an email.

Not sure with what help you need?  Never fear, keep a diary over a day or a week and note down the tasks that you end up doing (marketing, bookkeeping, filing, social media, appointment booking etc).  Do they make your business money?  Could they be outsourced?

The answer will be yes, most can be outsourced and we can talk you through the rest.

We can be contacted as below:


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