event planningOne area of organisation that Red Desk are particularly good at, that clients might not know about is Events Management.  Our team have varied backgrounds but one thing in common is that we have all organised events in our previous roles.

Before setting up Red Desk, Lindsay was a Production Assistant on the Millennium Show at The Dome before moving into a role where she co-ordinated large scale international conferences.  In these roles she learnt the following about event planning:

  • Create a strategic checklist in the early planning of your event, any missteps in the process can have repercussions further down the line. Make sure you think carefully about why you are holding the event & who you will be inviting / targeting, this will ensure when it comes to promoting your event the messages are clear.
  • Create a detailed time plan of your event to ensure you complete tasks in a logical fashion, this process will also draw you into thinking in detail about the logistics of your event.


As an EA at Thomson Reuters, Mel was often in charge of team bonding and social events.  She arranged cheese and wine evenings, quiz nights and team sporting events.  Sitting on several committees meant that she now has experience of the following:

  • Organising events to the clients’ brief and budget
  • Planning, delegating and project management
  • Publicising events so that as many people attend as possible


Jacqui has experience in organising charity parties in the West End where she managed to get the VIP bar for free!  She also ran acoustic nights at the Rabbit Hole club in Hampstead.


Our newest VA Nuria has a whole wealth of experience organising events for musicians, charities, fashion shows and strategy meetings.

Although the basic process of organising these events was the same, Nuria learnt quickly about the nuances of working with different types of industries, particularly in how you reach out to your target attendee.   Nuria found it useful to look into the lifestyles & habits of those she wanted to attend in order to gauge the best way to market the event.

If you have an event you need to organise then we can help with the following:

Planning Schedule

We can create a detailed time line of the planning process, making sure that all the detailed aspects of your event have been considered.


We can research venues and obtain quotes to match your requirements, regardless of the event be it a business conference or birthday bash.  Let us undertake the time consuming job of gathering the information so you can make an informed choice about the best location for your event.

Invitations / Marketing

Whether you intend to send out paper invitations or use an on line event software, we can manage your invite list, put together any other additional information delegates may need and monitor replies and follow up.  We can also help to market your event, we have extensive social media experience and can help to make sure the right people learn about your event.

Technical requirements

With years of experience dealing with events and conferences in the advertising world, we can make sure all your speakers have the appropriate technical requirements they need, making sure your conference goes without a hitch.

Front of house / Reception 

We happy to attend on the day and man your front of house, ensuring all your delegates and speakers have all the information they need and the day runs smoothly.


Furthermore, we have a wonderful new client that offers wine tasting, perfect for the next office outing or to charm your clients.  Get in touch to hear more.

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