Project Management is one of those wishy-washy terms that you might not be sure of unless you are actually doing it.

What is Project Management?

A project is something that is temporary with a defined beginning, middle and ending.  Project Management is the application of processes, skills, knowledge and tools to achieve the projects’ objectives.

How can a VA help?

Good VAs are great at organisation, multi-tasking and generally getting stuff done: all the qualities sought after for a Project Manager.

They are capable of handling the project from beginning to end ensuring that tasks are completed and deadlines are met.

A Virtual Project Manager can also:

  • Keep you within budget
  • Keep the standards high
  • Deal with organisational requests
  • Monitor and supervise the key stakeholders so that a report can be pulled together at a moment’s notice
  • Keep track of timesheets and invoices so that freelancers and contractors are paid on time

What are the advantages of hiring a VA as a Virtual Project Manager?

Aside from managing the project a Virtual PM assist with other duties.  Think about what else could be outsourced? How about replying to emails, coordinating teams, providing customer support.  The list is endless with a talented VA on board.

A VA can handle all of the smaller tasks so you can see the bigger picture.  Your Virtual PM can send you timely feedback whilst you focus on the running of your business.

Hiring a Virtual PM means that the day to day running of the business can continue.  You only hire the Virtual PM for the duration of the project and only pay for the time spent on the project.

Asana_LogoAsana – our Project Management tool of choice

When we embarked on one of our latest Project Management tasks, we were introduced to Asana.  It has changed our life at Red Desk VA and we haven’t looked back.

We were finding that as our company grew, trying to coordinate tasks was getting more and more difficult and our inbox was full of project updates.

Asana is billed as “teamwork without email” and allows users to plan and manage projects online without having to use email.  We love it as when a new task is assigned, or the status of the project changes followers get a notification to your inbox.

Asana is free to use if your team is less than 15 people.  Pricing for larger teams and organisations varies depending on the number.

If you are struggling with a project, give Red Desk a call today and we can take care of things for you.

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