trainingRunning a small business requires a multitude of skills and as undoubtedly small business owners will be great at some of them and lacking in others it’s therefore essential to invest in training in the areas you need to improve.  Training is a great way to keep you motivated as well as of course broadening your skills base.

I love doing training courses but they do take up a large chunk of time, something small business owners don’t have much of.  It’s also sometimes difficult to translate the knowledge gained to your situation, because of this we’ve found an increasing demand for one to one training with our clients.  It means you’re not taking time away but actually working on the tasks that need doing and learning at the same time.

One such client is Nicky Grace who works with vintage fabric to make lovely art pieces and gifts (  We’ve worked with Nicky to set up her own blog, twitter, facebook & pinterest and now she does everything herself with very little help from us.

Nicky had this to say:

‘A few months ago I was practically computer illiterate, and now thanks to Lindsay@RedDesk I use a business page on Facebook, I blog, tweet, upload, download, use Pinterest, and manage my e-commerce website. She has calmly and patiently taught me how to use social media which I find essential for my business and more fun than I ever expected. Without Lindsay I’d still be in the dark ages ! ‘

I’ve been working mainly on social media with Nicky but we can help with many other areas of running a business,  however if you prefer a classroom setting for your training then I would recommend City Lit based in Holborn.  Adult education colleges offer a wealth of different training courses at very reasonable prices, training does not need to cost a fortune.

adult educationSo if there’s some aspect of running your business that you’re struggling with book up for some training and it will save you loads of time and money in the long run.

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