online reputationHave you considered your online reputation?  Many business owners now realise that they need to have a presence on social media but they also need to realise that your social media platforms are part of a much bigger picture, your online reputation.

“If you don’t control your online presence, someone else will”

The first thing you need to do is make sure that your brand or business has a website and social media.  This is so you can control the message that you want the public and your target audience to see.  The importance of social media has grown over the past number of years from a nice-to-have to a must-have business essential.  How many times have you based your purchasing decisions on information you find online?  It could be either the way the website looks, if they are active on social media or their reviews.  It all links back to online reputation.

Red Desk is increasingly being employed to assist small businesses with their online reputation.  A typical client will have a website but perhaps several unofficial Facebook accounts and negative Google reviews that haven’t been responded to.  Their reputation as a result will not be as favourable as it could be.

Online Presence

Red Desk can help improve your online presence.  We work closely with web designers, looking at SEO and social media strategies including keywords, the types of content to post, and the best social media outlets for your type of business or product.

We run quarterly reports to see which strategies are effective and adjust our plans accordingly.  You can read more about our social media services here.


How can you control what others are saying about you?  The best way is to set up monitoring tools so you are informed when comments are posted (positive and negative) and you can then respond accordingly.

The simplest tool to use is Google Alerts.  The only prerequisite you need is a gmail account.  Just type in the name of your product or business into Google and then select the “news” tab.  At the bottom of the page there will be a button to click saying “create alert”.   You can then select the frequency you would like the notifications sent to you.

We often find that if your business is located in a particular area then joining local Facebook groups can help you monitor referrals and comments as well.

Online Presence Tips

  • When someone has taken time to write a review (Facebook, Google Business or other place) try to respond in a timely fashion
  • If the review or comment is negative then you might find our article helpful


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