Online Event Promotion – What to consider

Following some recent work with a new client around gaining sign-ups for a fitness course, we thought we would share some best practise pointers for promoting any type of Event or Course online.

Research the market

  • Who are your target audience?
  • Where can they be reached?
  • What platforms are others in your industry using to promote their events?


  • Don’t rush into launching your campaign
  • Take a look at who you are targeting and why – for example people are far more likely to sign up for a fitness course in January than December
  • When posting or promoting posts on social media use your insights to see when your followers are online

Advertising budget

  • Run a test post on Facebook to see your results, this will allow you to set a budget, bare in mind promotion can do better with smaller daily amounts over longer periods
  • Use Google Adwords, you don’t need to spend a fortune to get results if you use the correct search terms

event promotion onlineNetworks

  • Use your networks of contacts to help spread the word
  • Look for influencers you follow and ask them if they will help retweet or share the information

Post to Google Business

  • Make sure you have claimed your Google Business profile
  • Create posts that include your relevant keywords and search terms

Keep it Visual

  • Use Twitter cards – these are free to use, stand out well and you can pin them to the top of the page
  • Videos work well – create a post using a video for more engagement
  • Use good quality image and include text with calls to action

The Direct Approach

  • Share the offer or event in relevant Facebook groups – do keep checking back for comments
  • Tag people and pages in your Facebook and Twitter posts for more engagements
  • Ask for a Retweet!

Monitor Progress

  • Check Insights and Analytics to see how well your promotion is performing and which posts are achieving the best results
  • Monitor enquiries and ask where leads are coming from


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