reddeskVAIn this, the last of three articles, looking at the online tools available to help you work more efficiently, I’m going to take a look at social networking and online marketing.

Online networking seems to be growing at an incredible rate, there’s a real excitement out there about the possibilities, with marketing gurus such at Tamsin Fox-Davies giving out great free advice about how to improve your online marketing .

Now it’s all very well having all this great advice about online marketing & social networking sites but they do take up valuable time.  Well that is where red desk can help, you can outsource those tasks to us, leaving your time free for your businesses core tasks, the tasks that directly make you money.

Once you have set up your Social Networking sites you can use clever online services to update them all at the same time, great!

Hootsuite which describes itself as a Social Media Dashboard, allows you to update multiple networks in one step, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn,, and  There is an application for your mobile phone, so you can take care of your social networking on your commute.  You could also add red desk as a team member & assign tasks via Hootsuite.  Another valuable tool Hootsuite offers is ‘mention monitoring’ allowing you to gather information when any topic or brand is mentioned.  The possibilities are endless, take a look.

Another online option is FriendFeed, this is a more simple interface, similar to Facebook in layout, but you can link it to your  Blog, Twitter, Googletalk, Flicker & Facebook so that everytime to update it automatically updates your other social networking sites, if you up load a picture it will automatically be added to Flicker.  This could be a great way to get started with your on-line networking.

Finally I will mention Plaxo, this is a fantastic on-line & secure address book, the great thing is you can import all your contacts from Outlook, Facebook, Linkedin & Twitterthen you’ve got all your contacts in one place which you can sync with Outlook.  There is an application for your phone so you can always get to your contacts.

If you need any help with any of the online tools mentioned then give red desk a call & we can help set you up.

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