Even if the economic climate is strained, it has never been easier or financially more achievable to set up a business. There are so many online tools and services available to help you run small businesses that there really is no need to spend money on an IT infrastructure, you can use online services as & when you need them, so you only pay for what you need. (the same goes for red desk’s ad hoc services by the way!). This month I’ve been looking at Evernote which is available for all devices & Jotnot which is only available on iphone, but I felt it deserves a mention as I think it’s brilliant.

Evernote is similar to Dropbox in that you can save all your work to the cloud allowing you to access your information from anywhere, but the difference with Evernote is that you can easily save all kinds of different content. Each item you save is called a Note & you can create different Notebooks to save your items to. The basic account is free & you can upgrade to a Premium Account allowing you 1GB per month for only $5 / £3 per month. You can create Notebooks for different projects or for personal use & in each notebook you can save all kinds of content from simple text, notes to self, photo’s even a portion of a webpage & Evernote will keep all your devices synced. A really impressive feature is the ‘web clipper function’ which is easy to download & means that whatever you’re browsing on your computer you can click the Evernote button & it will be saved to your account.

Now a lovely app. which can be used in conjunction with Evernote is Jotnot for iphone, this app. turns your iphone camera into a document scanner. You simply photograph the document then you’re given the options to email, fax, print for send it to Evernote or Dropbox. Jotnot runs the pictures through an advanced filter which makes them easier to read. This app. makes it possible to easily pass documents between colleagues & can make outsourcing those admin tasks even easier. If you need help with either Evernote or Jotnot or would like to discuss how to outsource those time consuming admin tasks then contact red desk

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