serviceIconsThe keen eyed amongst you will have noticed that we have recently rebranded.  We’ve rejuvenated our logo & totally rebuilt our website (do take a look

We have had brilliant help from Tracey Goodland at ‘Design is Goodland’ (www.designisgoodland.­com).  I think that would be the best piece of advice I could give anyone wanting to rebrand, find a good graphic designer.  Being able to define your company in a nutshell is a difficult thing to do and you need a professional to do it properly.  For me one of the successes of our rebranding (I hope you agree) is the clean & refreshed look of our new logo, without changing it beyond recognition.  It still holds the essence of what we had before but looks so much better.

I asked Tracey about the importance of a brand logo:

‘Your logo is a key part of your brand. It should reflect the good qualities of your business and be memorable and unique. Your customers will form an association with your logo. A good logo will become a stamp of quality and trustworthiness in the services you offer’.

The logo is obviously only a small part of your brand but a good graphic designer can then carry that look through making sure it’s used consistently across all your social media, website, advertising & stationery.  This consistency creates a professional look to current clients and creates familiarity and confidence in potential customers.

As small business owners we don’t have huge amounts of money to spend on rebranding but there is no need for it to cost a fortune.  If you really know your business and have genuine passion for what you do then actually trying to portray that to your customers should be a constructive and energising process.  People run small businesses because they want to do the work they enjoy doing and you just need to show that in your branding.

It amazes me how quickly a brand can look dated, it’s easy not to look at your company’s image with fresh eyes when you’re working so hard,  but I can say that giving your brand a new look and feel can really inspire you as a business owner and hopefully lead to a more successful business.

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