A Year in the Life of a Red Desk VA

2019 is almost at an end so we thought it would be nice to take a look at a year in the life of a Red Desk VA.

Red Desk 10
In November 2018, Red Desk Virtual celebrated 10 years in business. We did a little retrospective on how Red Desk has developed over the last decade and how, although we work virtually, many of our clients and contacts are local to North London.

Client Referrals
You may wonder how we get most of our clients, well mostly through recommendation. One of our first new clients of 2019 was a local building company who wanted assistance with their website and social media. It has come full circle as they are about to launch a different strand of their business and we are branching out into project managing the website build plus managing their online presence.

Live Twitter Coverage
In February, we were brought in last minute to assist with some event promotion of an awards ceremony. We very quickly built interest around it and monitored Twitter during the event (retweeting and interacting where relevant). This has led us to stay on with the client, encouraging nominations and raising awareness of the event ahead of the 2020 ceremony.

Red Desk VAHoliday Cover
The advantage of being a Red Desk VA is that you have someone to cover for you when you go on holiday. For many self-employed freelancers, the thought of taking a two week break involves a lot of hassle but at Red Desk Virtual, we always have someone to cover for us. When we meet a new client, we explain that one person will be the main point of contact but there is a second person to cover for holidays or can be brought in when the workload increases.

Although the majority of our client base is social media focussed, it is nice to have the occasional administration project. We have been very lucky to have been working with a soft skills charity over the past year which has been running workshops in Further Education colleges in 9 boroughs of London. It is really rewarding to be part of a team that is able to boost young people’s confidence and employability chances from organising these workshops. We are looking forward to continuing with this foundation in 2020.

Pipeline Projects
December 2019 has been extremely busy for us with meetings with a number of new clients that we shall be working for in 2020. We are looking forward to researching the markets for these varied businesses and managing their online presence.


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