Is your marketing seasonal? Do you tie in upcoming festivities with your social media campaigns?  At Red Desk, we have several social media clients and we try to keep the content relevant.

Have you heard about content calendars? These are shareable resources for marketing teams to plan out seasonal content marketing activity.  They are highly visual and you can see how the content will be distributed throughout the year.

If you don’t want to create your own content calendar then take a look around the web.  E-consultancy have pulled together 8 planners for you to choose from. We are sure that many other websites will be offering their own templates for the coming year.

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Have a brainstorming meeting with your team for initial ideas such as “seasons” ie:

Winter = cold weather, darker days, Christmas

Spring = a fresh start, new projects, Easter

Summer = holidays, warmth, sunny weather

Autumn = Hallowe’en, warmer nights, return to school

After that think about key industry events or dates, other major holidays (Valentine’s Day etc) and product launches/promotions.  Once you’ve added all these into your calendar, you can check for gaps which you could fill with FAQ information or a highlight on your favourite supplier!

The advantage is that now you have all your content generation ideas in one place.

Step Two

Take a look at existing content you already have (ie countdowns to Christmas, tips for summer holidays etc).  Can you reuse these articles? Perhaps you can repurpose or update them with something else new.  How about consolidating several blogs into one larger article? There’s no point reinventing the wheel if you have a great content base to start off with.

For new articles, take a look at key dates or industry events and think about what customers might need to know.  Brainstorm again for blog ideas.

Step Three

Obviously you will need to write new blogs and refresh the old ones but then start thinking about the types of tweets and posts based on your content.  Enter this information (ideas, keywords etc) into your calendar.

Step Four

Track and evaluate your content and social media posts.  What gained the most activity?  Continuously tweak your content and post based on your findings.

At Red Desk, we love planning so if you need some help with your content marketing then do get in touch!

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