As businesses, suppliers and pretty much everyone else winds down for the summer, don’t think of it as a dip in your profits but as an opportunity to do something new – take advantage of this quiet  seasonal lull.

Learn or do something new

Heard of Pinterest or Instagram but not sure what they are?  Why not take time learn about them – think of it as setting up your own personal summer school.  Post a few photos each week and then if you are still enjoying it in September think about how you want to grow your presence on your chosen new social media platform.

Grow your contacts list

Add a “Join my Mailing list” onto your website and Facebook page.  Think of other ways of growing your list like attending Summer networking events and swapping business cards.  If you are attending friends’ barbecues always take business cards,  you never know who you might meet!

Following on from growing your list, think about writing newsletters.  Red Desk use Mailchimp which is really easy to navigate.  You could plan to send newsletters once a quarter to start off with and play about with the layout whilst you have some time to spare.

Update social media profiles

By now you’ve probably got yourself a LinkedIn profile but when was the last time you really looked at it?  Take time to refresh it adding in new skills, contacts, endorsements and experience.  You’ll probably find that this generates a re-found interest in your profile.  Whilst you are at it, take a look at your Facebook and Twitter profiles to make sure they are up to date as well!

summer themes for marketing

Give your marketing a summer theme

Everyone loves summer and the best way of improving the mood is to incorporate summer themes into your marketing – blogs, newsletters, Facebook, events etc.  Share barbecue recipes, best picnic spots or ways to cool down!  You could even create or use a special hashtag on Twitter – my current favourite is #HotHotHot!

Revisit business goals

Did you set yourself business goals and objectives at the beginning of the year?  When was the last time you really looked at them?  Time to dig them out and see where you are and what you need to do to get back on track.

Get in touch with your best contacts

If you have time to spare, go through your contacts list and rekindle the relationship with a phone call, lunch meeting or invite to summer business event.  Who knows what will come out of the phone call or meeting.

Do something for yourself

If everyone else is taking holidays, don’t be a martyr, take one too!  In some European countries the whole country grinds to a halt for two weeks.  It is acceptable, so relax and enjoy some R&R!

If you need summer business support, why not speak to us at Red Desk?  We are used to covering for holidays and could also teach you about Social Media, summer marketing and newsletters.

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