These days it’s imperative that you monitor your social media to make sure your content & strategy are working effectively.  Most social media platforms such as Facebook come with easily accessible analytics/insights but with Twitter your analytics are not set-up automatically, you need to create an analytics account separately.

Rolled out in the summer of 2014, Twitter analytics allows you to track engagement of your tweets, learn how to tweet more successfully and learn more about your followers.

Here’s how to Sign Up

When you create a new Twitter account, create your analytics account at the same time:

  • Search for “twitter analytics” and you should find this URL
  • Sign in with your Twitter login details
  • Click the “Turn analytics on” button
  • This will start recording your activity straight away

What does the tweet activity dashboard look like?

Here is a screenshot of Red Desk’s twitter activity for February.  We like that it clearly shows your top tweet, mention and perhaps most importantly your top follower,  but it also shows your tweet impressions, this means how many twitter feeds you have appeared in & therefore how many people have potentially seen your content.

twitter analytics

What can I do with this information?

Like other analytics tools out there, you can do as little or as much as you want with this information. Red Desk pick out the key information when running social media engagement reports for clients, including the number of tweet impressions, new followers and what the top tweet was.

It might be worth your while following & interacting with your top follower, they may be able to add clout to your social media campaign.

By analysing the top tweets, you can see what kind of content is working for you & why, chances are it contained good keywords and hashtags.

What else can Twitter analytics do?

Take a look at the follower dashboard.  It gives you all sorts of audience insights about their interests and demographics.  For example Red Desk’s followers fall into the Business and Finance categories.  This is key information so that if we wanted to grow our (or our clients) twitter following then we could look at these categories and treat them as keywords.

How can Red Desk help?

We offer training sessions on all aspects of social media.  Whatever your challenge, we can sit down with you for as little as an hour and help you master social media more effectively.

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