icons-847272_1280An associate business of ours recently moved into a new office building with plenty of networking opportunities.  We suggested using Twitter lists as a quick way of connecting virtually.  However they weren’t sure what Twitter lists were and how they worked.

What are Twitter lists?

Twitter lists are a curated group of twitter accounts.  You can either start your own list or subscribe to others.  For example, we suggested our associate create a list containing the accounts of the businesses within their building (if there wasn’t one already to subscribe to).

How to create a Twitter list?

Once you are logged into Twitter, search for an account you want to add to your new list.  Click on their profile and then the cog which is next to the Follow or Following button. Select the “add or remove from lists” option, and add them to the list you want them to appear in. You can find out more information about Twitter lists here.

What are the advantages of Twitter lists?

  1. You don’t have to follow the accounts in your list. This might sound like a slightly unusual advantage but if you want to be seen as an influential account on Twitter then you need to have more followers than you are following.
  2. It’s a time saving exercise. You can just go to your list and interact with the specific accounts rather than hunting for them in your feed
  3. If you are looking for a certain area or business, search for existing Twitter lists (they’ve done the hard work for you). There are 101 lists in this article

Other uses for Twitter lists

  1. Keeping tabs on your competitors – create a list of competitors but keep this list private
  2. Supporting your local area – if you are part of a neighbourhood online Twitter community this is a great way of sharing the #locallove
  3. Follower wish list – if you have a list of who you want to follow you (be it because they are influential or you idolise them) then add these to a list so that you can regularly interact. Once they’ve started to follow you, you can remove them from the list, and look for someone else to add
  4. There are plenty of other ideas for uses in this Buffer article

Tweet us at @reddeskvirtual if you have any questions about Twitter!

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