Have you ever tried to have a three-way conversation on Skype and been frustrated by speed/quality of the connection?  There are other virtual conferencing tools out there for you to use and we’ve done the research for you!

BT Meet Me

If you work with colleagues and clients in different locations, getting on the phone together for meetings is the perfect way to catch up.  Each person who registers is given their own PINs (a chair PIN and a participants PIN, which they use to dial in).  Just use the local rate telephone number to dial in and punch in the code and you will be connected together in your own virtual meeting room.

What is great about BT Meet Me is that you can record these calls and play them back later.  Perfect if you are hosting training!

virtual conferencingGoToMeeting

You can use GoToMeeting’s facilities to provide online meetings for up to 25 attendees, webinars for up to 1000 people and interactive training sessions for up to 200 people.

You can try their services free for 14 days with a trial, a perfect way to test the waters.  Or jump in and sign up a monthly plan starting from £29+ VAT or a yearly subscription which brings the price down to £23+ VAT per month.


They pride themselves on the fact that you only pay for your own 0844 number.  It seems relatively simple, using your email address to generate your PIN and you share this and your dial-in number with the other participants.

They also offer a “premium” service which allows you unlimited conference calls.

Google Hangouts

Many people have migrated from Skype and are now using Google hangouts.  Calls to the US and Canada are free and other calls are charged at very low rates.  If your colleagues are using Google+ then it might be worth a try.

Which to choose?

If you are only using conferencing facilities once in a while then PowWowNow will probably be sufficient however, you might as well take advantage of GoToMeeting’s 30 day trial as you might be pleasantly surprised.

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