How are the latest changes to Facebook Algorithm affecting Business Pages?

It’s nothing new for Facebook to alter its algorithms.  They have been making subtle changes for many years. Gone are the days when you could directly reach your followers and build your page organically.  The statistics show your posts to your Business Page are only going to reach less than 3% of your followers, if you only rely on organic reach.

We’ve all got used to the fact that if we want to grow our Business Pages we’re going to have to spend some money on advertising to achieve any success, but now things have got even tougher for businesses on Facebook.

Facebook’s aim is to change the balance in favour of posts from friends and family, and away from businesses and external websites.  They want to encourage us to share more, stay in touch and engage in meaningful interactions with friends, family and Facebook Groups we are a member of.

algorithm Facebook Business PageThese changes in the algorithm will have a significant impact on pages and advertisers; it is now harder than ever to reach your target audience.  The posts you decide to share or the ads you create now need to be more relevant with real value so that more people will want to engage with them.

This means businesses need to improve the quality of their posts. If the time you have to spend on your Business Page is limited then make the focus on quality over quantity.   Spend time creating highly visual posts and think about the copy; try writing longer posts that offer inspiring or valuable content.  Businesses will also need to continue to advertise and promote posts to maintain their visibility on Facebook.

Facebook is still a valuable platform to advertise your business on with excellent possibilities for promoting your business locally. While Facebook remains all powerful we need to keep with it, but having said that it’s a good idea to spread your focus across a range of social media platforms as who knows how Facebook with change in the future.

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