VA Help for Start Up Businesses

Every small business needs a helping hand at times and a start up business could probably do with more support than others. So what and how can a Virtual Assistant assist a start up?

If you are in the research phase of your business idea then a Virtual Assistant can help you carry out market research to help you collect valuable data. We can conduct customer questionnaires, mail shots, direct marketing and personalised telephone calls and emails. We will present our findings in an easy to read document to enable you to target specific market areas/potential suppliers and understand your customer base, consumer trends and what areas are likely to be the most profitable.

At Red Desk we have spent many years building up a trusted network of connections based on our own experiences or those of clients, and also visits to networking groups. If you are looking to work with or hire a certain person then we can help you find the right connection. We recently helped a client pull together a team for charity grant applications found via our various networks.

Company Set Up
Having set up our own company (and assisted others with rebranding), we know what steps you need to go through in order to start trading. From registering at Companies House to finding the right business name, we can help you get on your feet.

Start UpsWebsites
One of the main ways clients will find you is via your website. We work closely with website designers to ensure your website is up and running in a timely fashion. We can also recommend graphic designers and manage your social media and SEO in-house.

In the early days of your business, you will be focussing on developing your product/ideas and building leads. A VA can be in the background supporting you by ordering your business cards, inputting sales leads into a CRM or designing your invoice template. We would suggest regular catch up meetings and we can suggest other tasks we could take on as appropriate.

Once your business starts to grow, you will want to take on new staff. Red Desk can help with the preparation of job descriptions and candidate criteria, advertising roles, CV review and selection, interviewing candidates, obtaining references and verifying documents plus other HR tasks as they crop up.

Setting up a new business is an exciting journey, and we’d like to be part of it. Contact us today to discuss any aspects

What to say to people who think that social media doesn’t work

Some people just don’t get it and still don’t see the connection between maintaining a social media presence and an increase in traffic to their website or an increase in sales/enquiries.

Social media is an important part of any business’s Online Reputation and it is in every business owners interest to monitor and indeed cultivate their online reputation.

It makes sense that the more places you appear and the better the content on your social media platforms the more likely your business is to be found by the right people.

We’ve put together a few key points to highlight why social media does work:

  • Social Media is just one part of SEO

Any marketing expert worth their salt will tell you not to put all your eggs in one basket. What they are saying is that digital marketing is a multi-strand strategy of content marketing, SEO and social media.

  • Social Media is about being Social

The good thing about social media is that it is a way of selling your services and directing traffic to your website in a non-pushy way. By using the various social media platforms to engage with your audience in conversation, you can post information about your business, related industry content or other items of interest. The ultimate idea is to spark conversations, gain likes and shares, and increase the organic reach of your content (ie every time you get a comment, mention or share your content is in turn being seen by that account’s followers).

  • social media doesn’t workGoogle loves new Content

If you have social media, you are more likely to create new content for your website. Google LOVES new content and is more likely to rank your page higher if you are producing new articles on a regular basis. These articles in turn can be broken down into bite-sized chunks which can be used as social media posts with link back to the articles on your website.

  • Cost-Effective

Social media, whether organic or paid is still one of the most cost-effective forms of advertising.  Rather than spend all your advertising budget on a Google ad, a smart use of this budget is to experiment with social media. The keywords used for a Google Ad campaign should be incorporated into the website and social media post.

  • Social Media statistics

If none of these arguments work then you could always show them the statistics. Always keep track of your insights and Google Analytics;  you can see where the website traffic is coming from and exactly how much impact your strategy is having. Check your Google Analytics and monitor direct clicks vs social/referral.
You might also want to direct these non-believers to this Hootsuite study that proves that social media has a positive impact on SEO.

Quick Tips for Using Twitter for an Event

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Simple Steps to Optimising your Website & Improving your SEO

As part of our Business Support for Small Businesses we manage many of our clients’ websites. We work closely with web developers to ensure the site is well built and then we continue to work on improving the site with new content and optimisation. Websites should...

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Importance of Social Media Insights

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Making Tax Digital

Making Tax Digital (MTD) is coming! If your small business submits VAT returns then most likely by 1 April 2019, you/your bookkeeper/your accountant will need to keep records digitally and use software to submit your VAT return. You can find a full timeline for when...

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Red Desk 10

Red Desk 10 - Celebrating 10 yearsRed Desk is 10 years old! We actually had our milestone birthday in November 2018 but in the run up to Christmas we decided to save the celebrations until 2019. This article celebrates the successes of running a small business for 10...

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Red Desk and SEO

As well as social media and content writing services, Red Desk also offer SEO for small businesses. SEO incorporates many areas that all need to be working and optimized to ensure your business is being found online.  We offer a tailor made SEO plan that best...

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A How-To Guide To Digital Marketing – Client Checklist

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