How to Keep Your Mental Health in Check Whilst Working in Social Media

How to Keep Your Mental Health in Check Whilst Working in Social Media

If you love social media then working for a social media company must be the dream job, right?  However much we love tweeting all day long there are some downsides to this very public role – your mental health.  So how do you keep your mental health in check whilst working in social media?

24 Hour Connectivity

There is an immediacy associated with social media, that allows a direct connect between brands and the public.  Barriers are dissolved in the worlds of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.  This direct contact between businesses and customers has many advantages but this connection can be difficult to manage for those managing the social media, so here we look at ways to set some boundaries and look after yourself and your customers.

  • Time Zones – use your bio on your social media to state when the account with be monitored/responded to, ie “Tweets monitored Mon – Fri 8am – 4pm”. On Facebook you can set up standard responses for when someone messages you so they know you have received the message and will respond in due course
  • Angry Customer – firstly be polite. If the complaint can’t be solved in a civil manner then take the matter offline and settle it via direct messaging or email.  Our article “4 tips to deal with negative comments on social media” has more helpful ideas
  • Set up a routine.  We find that dividing up the tasks for social media clients throughout the week really helps.  Otherwise you will wake up on Monday with an overwhelming feeling of what there is to do – the very nature of social media takes you in all kinds of directions very quickly, so have a plan and stick to it.
  • Delegation can be your best friend – we’ve recently taken on another VA and she has been a key component in us keeping our workload manageable. Handover parts of projects or regular tasks, and your clients will continue to receive the high quality work that you are used to delivering
  • Learn to say NO – In this game, we’ve learnt that saying NO can sometimes be the best thing to do. If get an enquiry from a company that either expect high results for very little budget or they don’t fit in with your work ethics, then say no.  Don’t give yourself sleepless nights worrying about how to deliver to an unrealistic project, be realistic and honest with yourself and your clients.
  • Set Boundaries – Colleagues and clients should know what to expect from you. Are you happy to work late or at the weekend?  If not then let them know that you will only respond during working hours.  You need to switch off at the weekends.
  • Bad news – as it has always been the way in the media there will be endless bad news, it has psychologically been proven that our eyes are more likely to be drawn to negative words used in headlines. Unless you need to read it because it relates directly to your work, don’t read it, manage what you read and look after yourself.


If you have any mental health tips that you practise then let us know, it’s always great to share good ideas!



Small Business Marketing Ideas for All Budgets

Small Business Marketing Ideas for All Budgets

At Red Desk, we pride ourselves on providing marketing ideas for all budgets.  Many of our small business clients have a limited marketing pot but occasionally we work on bigger campaigns.  Let’s take a look at our marketing ideas for all budgets.


Small Budget

In our article Digital Marketing on a Small Budget we explored some free ideas that help promote your business online including:

  • Hashtags – we can help research the best hashtags to be used for your business. They push prospective clients to your content within the social media platform and help you to reach users that may otherwise not have discovered your business.
  • Twitter Hours – we identify the best Twitter Hours which will help you network and promote your business.
  • Keywords – well researched keywords used in your URL and website content are the best ways to improve SEO and rank better on Google.
  • Insights – we provide our clients with quarterly social media reports and alter the times we post on social media depending on the insights.
  • Google Local – Perhaps one of the most important things you can do is claim and utilise your Google Local entry.
  • Facebook Groups – These can be a brilliant way to market your business locally. Just check the rules of each group.

If you are looking for more ways to promote your business then you might want to read our article 3 Ways to Market Small Businesses.  At the time of writing, we were very much into Small Business Saturday and ensured that many of our clients were registered with the website.  We also noticed that a number of local cafés and restaurants had been nominated for the Time Out London awards.  In fact, we’re delighted that Cheeses of Muswell Hill was voted London’s Most Loved Shop.  Local Love was an app that connected local businesses with their local community, although it is now closed, we would recommend looking for other ways to promote your business online to your local community, like Next Door.


Medium Budget

If you are able to spend a little bit more then there are more options available for you.

  • Google Ads – Many businesses are given money off vouchers by Google to try Google Ads. If you have something to promote then it is worth testing this out. 
  • Facebook Advertising – If you want your posts seen on Facebook then you will need to spend some budget on Facebook advertising. We’ve seen a marked difference in post reach with clients who boost some of their posts.
  • IGTV or Facebook Live – This idea could go under Small Budget ideas but we’ve added it here as you will need one or two people to film the live stream, react to the comments and then we’ve also then used the footage to make video social media posts afterwards.
  • Influencers – Many social media influencers can cost a small fortune, so if you don’t have a large budget you need to build relationships on your platforms. People that know you and know your brand are more likely to like and interact with your content.
  • Sponsorship – Depending on who your audience are, seek out relevant sponsorship opportunities. It could be a local festival, award or sports club.


Larger Budget

With a larger budget you will have the luxury of being able to spread your brand further across all the social media platforms, by spending more time on your content, advertising and also interacting and building relationships. 

Also, don’t rule out magazine advertising, it may not have the circulation numbers it once had but most magazines offer an online version too and may be able to offer you a deal for advertising in both.



Please feel free to contact us or share some of our free marketing guides available on our website:

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