Red Desk Virtual: More than just Social Media

At Red Desk, we absolutely love our social media clients which are the main core of our business.  However recently we have had more enquiries and tasks which lend themselves towards a traditional PA.  So what can Red Desk offer apart from social media services?

Minute Taking

One of our recent projects has been minuting a series of HR disciplinary meetings, producing detailed notes set out in a professional template.  Minutes are an essential way to review and measure progress and specify whose duty it is to perform which action, so if you hold regular meetings or have an important one-off meeting then why not outsource the minute taking.

Cold Calling

If you have recently bought a telephone marketing list but can’t face making countless telephone calls then you can outsource it.  We have been working with a baby photographer booking appointments for the mum and new baby to attend a photography session.  We can update you with how many calls we’ve made and any follow ups you should be aware of.

virtual assistantResearch

Often with a new client we find they have a list of points for us to research.  We estimate how long it will take to carry out this research and give an update after our allotted time.  Here are some things we’ve been researching about recently:

  • Best options for adding a second number to your mobile phone
  • The best online accounting package for your business
  • Private preschools within a certain postcode


If you have a new business, you need to let people know about it.  We recently:

  • created headed paper and compliment slips
  • formatted the content for a one page introduction
  • researched contact addresses
  • printed and assembled the mail outs
  • posted all the envelopes

We’re happy to purchase stationary and post your mail shot for you.  All extra costs will be added to your bill at the end of the month.

Appointment Bookings

We know that making phone calls eats into your business day.  Sometimes you need one point of contact to arrange a rather complicated appointment. For example, we work for a private landlord and recently had to find a suitable time when three freeholders at a property would be available for a surveyor visit.  It sounds simple but we had to ensure that the surveyor was still available at that time and could also gain access to a set of keys at the local estate agent.

We hope that has given more of a flavour as to what a Virtual Assistant can do to help your business.  More information about our services can be found here.

Social Media at Events

social media at eventsWe’ve written about the best way to handle event promotion via social media during the campaign, run up to the big day and how important it is keeping social media alive after an event.  However, what social media can you do on the day itself, and what are our tips?

  • What networks are you going to use? Identify which social media platforms you are going to use at the event to boost engagement.  Twitter is perhaps the main network to choose due to its fast-paced nature and use of hashtags. Facebook should not be ignored but perhaps will not be a priority unless you decide to do a live stream. Instagram can be highly engaging with its emphasis on the image and we love ‘Our Story’ which allows you to add images and video into a montage attached to your profile


  • Hashtags: Make sure everyone on board is using the same hashtag, perhaps have a sign up with your social media handles and the hashtag for the event so everyone is on the same song sheet!


  • Start Early: Get there early and start taking photos. Set up photos are really engaging and can help build the interest before the event starts


  • Be Social: Introduce yourself to people and ask if they mind having their photos taken or videos.  Ask if they are on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, make sure they know the hashtag for sharing


  • Highlights: Make sure you are aware of any highlights or highpoints of the event


  • Fully Charged: Charge your phone and clear the memory. There would be nothing worse than attending and realising that your battery is dead half-way through or that you can only have space for half the images you planned on taking


  • Delegate: Ensure there are at least two of you snapping away. One of you can focus on Twitter and the other on Instagram


  • Faces: Take photos of those involved in the event. People love to see the faces of those involved bringing a real personality to your event


  • Quantity: Take more photos than you plan on posting in the evening as these can be used for Moments in Twitter and Stories in Instagram as part of the bigger picture


We hope these tips are of use to your next event.  You may also like to read how Red Desk can assist with event planning

Do get in touch if you need anymore specific advice about event marketing: or


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