What to say to people who think that social media doesn’t work

Some people just don’t get it and still don’t see the connection between maintaining a social media presence and an increase in traffic to their website or an increase in sales/enquiries.

Social media is an important part of any business’s Online Reputation and it is in every business owners interest to monitor and indeed cultivate their online reputation.

It makes sense that the more places you appear and the better the content on your social media platforms the more likely your business is to be found by the right people.

We’ve put together a few key points to highlight why social media does work:

  • Social Media is just one part of SEO

Any marketing expert worth their salt will tell you not to put all your eggs in one basket. What they are saying is that digital marketing is a multi-strand strategy of content marketing, SEO and social media.

  • Social Media is about being Social

The good thing about social media is that it is a way of selling your services and directing traffic to your website in a non-pushy way. By using the various social media platforms to engage with your audience in conversation, you can post information about your business, related industry content or other items of interest. The ultimate idea is to spark conversations, gain likes and shares, and increase the organic reach of your content (ie every time you get a comment, mention or share your content is in turn being seen by that account’s followers).

  • social media doesn’t workGoogle loves new Content

If you have social media, you are more likely to create new content for your website. Google LOVES new content and is more likely to rank your page higher if you are producing new articles on a regular basis. These articles in turn can be broken down into bite-sized chunks which can be used as social media posts with link back to the articles on your website.

  • Cost-Effective

Social media, whether organic or paid is still one of the most cost-effective forms of advertising.  Rather than spend all your advertising budget on a Google ad, a smart use of this budget is to experiment with social media. The keywords used for a Google Ad campaign should be incorporated into the website and social media post.

  • Social Media statistics

If none of these arguments work then you could always show them the statistics. Always keep track of your insights and Google Analytics;  you can see where the website traffic is coming from and exactly how much impact your strategy is having. Check your Google Analytics and monitor direct clicks vs social/referral.
You might also want to direct these non-believers to this Hootsuite study that proves that social media has a positive impact on SEO.

Quick Tips for Using Twitter for an Event

We were recently asked to help with some last minute social media promotion for an event. We would normally recommend at least 3 months lead up however we only had a few days, but with everyone focused on the goal and the fact that the client was able to supply us with good content, we were able to work fast and get some good results.

Here are our tips for using Twitter for an event:

Objective of Social Media Campaign

Firstly make sure everyone is clear on the main objective of the social media campaign. If time is short then everyone needs to be focused. Our campaign was aimed at spreading awareness in the local borough about an event, therefore our first port of call was to identify some key influencers in the borough. If time is short you are going to need connections. Once you know the aim of your campaign you will need to make smart decisions on how to achieve your goal.

Twitter Analytics

Make sure you have twitter analytics set up from the offset. You will need to check your stats to make sure your strategy is working & to shape any future campaigns.

Twitter Lists

If you are setting up a new twitter account for your campaign, then start with good practise, it will save you time in the long run. Create Twitter Lists as you go, this will allow you to find the content you want to see and monitor those key accounts and influencers. Particularly useful if time is short and you need to familiarise yourself with the content quickly. 

using twitter for an eventHashtags

Research your hashtags, give your event a hashtag and encourage attendees and others involved to use it, but not before you’ve done your research. There may be other hashtags you can jump on to help build your account quickly. A hashtag for your event is a must, particularly useful on the day of the event allowing you to monitor and help spread the word of any relevant content.

Make sure you have good content. Start by writing a general post about the event, tagging people in the post or image and pin it to the top of your Twitter page. This will probably be the first tweet people see when they visit your profile.

We found it useful for one person to write the content and another to create the accompanying visuals. Make sure you include relevant hashtags and twitter handles where you can.

Schedule your Content

Set up a social media dashboard such as Hootsuite or Buffer and schedule your content,  research optimum times to post ensuring you are getting the most from your content. 


Who do you know who can help you get the word out on Twitter? Make contact with them, and ask for them to support the campaign but you should be prepared to return the favour and support them in return. After all it’s all about being social!

Social Media at the Event

Make sure you have someone available to monitor the account throughout the event, either in person or virtually, you will need to interact, retweet and reply where appropriate. Check your Twitter lists during the event for activity and search your event hashtag to see if you can pick up other mentions, they may not all use your twitter handle.

After the Event

It’s always advisable to keep your social media ticking over rather than just abandon it until the next event, a static account will loose followers quickly and do make sure you unpin any tweets that are no longer relevant or out of date. now passed.

You might also be interested to read Online Event Promotion – What to Consider which is more geared up to events if you have a longer time to build up the social media presence.

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