Simple Steps to Optimising your Website & Improving your SEO

As part of our Business Support for Small Businesses we manage many of our clients’ websites. We work closely with web developers to ensure the site is well built and then we continue to work on improving the site with new content and optimisation. Websites should never be static things that you create and then forget about, they need constant monitoring, adjusting and improving.

We thought we’d put together a few simple steps that business owners can do to improve their websites and ranking.

  • Verifying your site with Google Analytics & Google Console

If you have a website you are probably already tracking your stats on Google Analytics but have you also verified your site with Google Console? Google Analytics tracks how users interact with your site whereas Google Console tracks how search engines interact with your site, so if you want to rank well it’s worth your while submitting your sitemap and verifying your website with Google Console.

We use a simple plugin ‘Insert Headers and Footers’ that lets you insert code for Google Analytics and Google Console into your WordPress site header and footer. It is simple to install and simple to use and eliminates the need for editing the code in your theme files which we would always leave to a web developer.

  • Fix Broken Links

optimising your websiteWhen Google crawls your site for searches it’s going to waste a lot of time if you have loads of broken links throughout your website, plus any prospective client visiting your site is going to be instantly turned away if they click on a broken link. Use this site to crawl your website and show you a list of all the broken links, then you simply need to check each one and correct the url. Just think of it as a house cleaning job you should do regularly to keep your website in good shape.

  • WordPress Classic Editor’ Plugin

Recently WordPress has updated their page building editor to Gutenberg WordPress Editor. This new format means content is added in blocks of various types from the WordPress backend. However, if you were happy with the previous Classic Editor you can install this plugin and return things to how they were previously, when you knew exactly what you were doing!

Classic Editor is an official plugin maintained by the WordPress team so will continue to be supported by WordPress for ‘many years to come’. You can read more here:

  • Yoast SEO

Hopefully you have already installed Yoast on your site, but if not it’s very straight forward amd Yoast have a set-up wizard that takes you through each step of the set-up and verifying your site with Google console. Yoast SEO automatically generates a sitemap for you and updates it as you add new content and sends it to search engines when it’s updated. Yoast prompts you on every aspect of your technical SEO such as adding a ‘Focus Keyword’ for the search you want that page or post to appear in, adding ‘meta tags’ and adding ‘alt text’ to your images. It also helps you with the ‘readability’ of your text helping you maximise every aspect of you site for SEO. There’s nothing more satisfying than turning your SEO light green!

If you need further help with any of these simple steps then get in touch:

Importance of Social Media Insights

You are probably an expert at the key areas of your business but maybe there are some things that you put to one side as you have no interest or no time to tackle them… This is where a Red Desk Virtual comes in. You can hire a us to handle your social media and provide you easy to read reports on how a social media campaign is performing.

Quarterly Reports

We provide our clients with quarterly social media reports on how well their chosen social media platforms are performing, plus statistics from Google Analytics (website) and Google My Business (Google Local).

These reports are useful to both our clients and us as social media managers as we can see how successful campaigns are. You can often see where budget has been increased or decreased as the number of followers or page views/profile visits will increase/decrease accordingly.

All Singing and Dancing Reporting

We’ve recently invested some time into improving our reports so that clients can also see the top performing posts, further insights into website and social media user behaviour and information on competitors. Our talented VA Emma has put these reports together in an easy-to-read format, and after analysing the data, we are able to adjust our social media campaign for each client accordingly.

Top Performing Posts

We like to see where our successes are, and a good start is to look at your top performing posts.

You need be clear on your social media goal, are you aiming to promote your brand by increasing engagement & reach or are you aiming to drive traffic to your website. Your goal will determine what data you look at & how it will inform your future posting.

social media insightsIn Facebook, top performing posts can be found if you click on Insights at the top of your business page, and then select posts from the left hand side bar. In all posts published, you can easily see which posts have done the best.

social media insights





For Twitter, head to and then log in. On the top menu bar select tweets and then top tweets. You have access to the last 28 days’ worth of data so make sure you log in at least once a month to stay on top. For more information about Twitter Analytics, read our article Getting the most out of Twitter.

For Instagram, firstly you will need an Instagram business profile. Select the bar graph at the top right hand side, in the analytics section, scroll to posts, and then click on see more. Unfortunately you will need to click on each post to see the engagement rates. [screenshot]For information about how to access other social media metrics, take a look at this useful article by CoSchedule.

However if you don’t want to gather this data manually, you will need to use a social media management tool. There are many out there and this StartUps article reviews a number of them, suitable for all budgets.

How to analyse the data

Analysis of posts can be important because it can show you where the successes and failures are. It’s not just about the topic of the post but also the length, the tone, the language, colours used in images and much more. By asking questions about your posts, you will start to identify what impacts on your post’s performance.

social media insightsA few things to note:

  • The tone and voice of the posts should reflect your brand tone and voice
  • Are your posts mainly positive or negative? If you are writing for a community group, it is important to celebrate the successes of your area (new business opened) but also highlight failures too (business closed)
  • Posts with open-ended questions will encourage more interaction whereas closed questions provide information or instructions
  • The number of hashtags will depend on the social platform you are on
  • Check when your social media audience is active and adjust your posting times to maximise the views. The more people reading or sharing your posts, the higher chance of them clicking on links back to your website.

Once you have gathered all this data together, you will need to put it into a report. Record all your data and repeat this on a weekly/monthly/quarterly basis (depending on time constraints). Remember to sit down and take time to adjust your social media posting strategy based on the data.

If you need any further help setting up social media reporting for your business, please get in touch with

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